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The Story of Sam agus Nessa

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Our Materials

Once upon a time in a far-off land, a boy called Sam and a girl called Nessa loved to drink tea and make wonderful curiosities. One day, after sharing a steaming mug of tea, Sam and Nessa decided to be creative together.

Sam was a practical creator, who liked to design fabulously functional pieces whereas Nessa liked bright and colourful things and took inspiration from fluffy clouds and wood grains glowing in the evening sunlight, the everyday delights of shape and form.

The collaboration worked brilliantly. They decided to pack up their tool boxes and Dude the cat and set sail home to Ireland.

Now settled into their cottage in Kildare, the duo has launched the award winning Irish company Sam agus Nessa.

They are inspired by the Irish vernacular and observing the world around them, they design and make expressive, functional furniture and home wares, from locally sourced Irish timber. Each piece is made by hand in their workshop and is designed to be practical but most importantly to make you smile.

Sam, Nessa and Dude the cat are currently living happily ever after.

We are super proud to say that we use locally sourced Irish timbers in the creation of all of our award winning pieces. 

'Irish grown timber is wild and beautiful, the grain pattern is totally unique'

Our Green Pledge

We strive to use local suppliers and Irish materials and we go to extra lengths to ensure we reduce, reuse and recycle as much as we can. We also keep our carbon footprint as dainty as possible!

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Green Pledge
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